Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Best. Day. Ever.

Last Saturday, it was just gorgeous outside. We decided to take Bean out for a day of fun, since we had been neglecting her all week. But since Bryan was house/dog-sitting for some friends, we had to stop by there and let their dog out to pee before we could get started. I stayed in the car with Bean while Bryan went inside, and snapped this photo of her staring at the front door, trying to will him to come back with her gaze.
The first stop was an old playground, which is fenced in and pretty much always empty. We converted it into a one-dog dog park and Bean got to run around off leash. She likes to play "it" with us, and also hide and seek. If one of us is behind a tree, out of her sight, she turns around and around till she can see a hand sticking out and then she tears off to come find us. It was so much fun! Then we went to the Duke Gardens, where we lay down on the grass in a big sunny field, and watched other humans and dogs play. Bean rolled on her back in the warm grass, because it felt so nice. Here she is after a roll with grass in her coat.
And these are some shots of her from below. I am laying in the grass with the camera, and Bean is sitting over me, "protecting" me from some teenagers nearby who were making out.

Listen you little punk. Don't even THINK about coming over here and biting my mom. You just stick to biting that girl you've already got there. This girl here, she belongs to ME!

This one is my favorite.
It was a really great day.

(Note: The thing on her face is NOT a muzzle. It is a special head collar that helps her not pull as much. She can still open her mouth wide with it on. It's called a Gentle Leader.)