Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bean visits Mommy's new place...and is underwhelmed

Last weekend Bryan and Bean came over for a sleepover at my new place. It was the first time Bean has really spent any time over here. She kept pacing the perimeters of the rooms, searching for "the rest of it". My place is only 400 sq. ft., and our old house (where she still lives with Bryan) is about 1500 sq. ft., with a big backyard.

When we first adopted Bean, before we were married, I lived in another small place by myself, and she lived there with me. But that was a long time ago, and she seems to have become accustomed to more spacious accommodations since then. Also, back then she was just a little puppy, so the apartment probably didn't seem as small as it was.

She made it very clear during her visit that she had no intentions whatsoever of staying here with me. She wanted to go "home" with Bryan, and kept a careful eye on him at all times, lest he should sneak out and leave her here with me.

It was really hard not to take all of this personally. I mean, I decided to adopt a dog, I picked her out, but she still is somehow Bryan's dog. Man's Best Friend, I guess. She just loves him so much. I'm sure she loves me too. Just in a different, less obvious kind of way.

"You know I'm leaving as soon as Dad gets back, right?"

Here we are, waiting by the front door just before she and Bryan left. Bryan had gone back to use the bathroom before getting on the road. That left just Bean and me in this sort of awkward silence. She sat facing the bedroom (from which Bryan was soon to emerge) the entire time, and only looked up at me when I picked up the camera.

My eyes teared up from all the love and devotion.

Maybe I should start keeping dog biscuits and treats here for her. Perhaps a special toy that she only gets when she visits me. I cannot believe I am already resorting to buying her affections.