Sunday, December 07, 2008

Thanksgiving in VA

So....sorry about not posting in so long. I am in my third consecutive month of inpatient clerkships. If you are lucky enough not to know what that means, consider yourself blessed. Basically I have been crazy busy.

I had to make the time to write this though. I just want to say that I am so proud of our girl. Bean went with us to VA to spend part of Thanksgiving weekend at my in-law's place. I have to admit, I was nervous. Would she beg during the dinner? Would she knock Bryan's 90-something-year-old grandpa over? Would she bark constantly?

I am happy to report that Bean was a perfect little angel the whole trip, starting with the drive up (although she is always good in the car).

I'm not going to look at you, woman. Please get that camera out of my face.

OK, fine. Here you go. CHEESE. Happy now? Now can I go back to helping Dad drive?

When we needed to baby-gate her upstairs (for the fancy dinner), she did not cry. She kept watch over us for awhile and then went to sleep. Here she is at the top of the stairs, looking down at everyone else in the living room. She really likes being high up!

Hey! I can see everyone from here. This is the perfect spot for keeping tabs on all my humans at once.

She especially likes how the windows in that house go almost all the way to the floor, making it possible for her to look outside without standing up on her hind legs. She spent quite a bit of time at this window looking at the other dogs in the neighborhood and watching out for squirrels. dog....SQUIRREL!!!...oh wait, just a

And when she finally got tired, she rested quietly on her new turquoise dog bed (which is from bow wow beds and is awesome).

Whew! It sure is exhausting being such a good dog!

We hope your holiday was just as relaxing, and there are lots more photos to come. Only, not until after my shelf exam on the 19th. Speaking of which, I am off to go study. Bye bye!