Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's officially Summer!

I took my Surgery exam yesterday, so I am now a 4th year medical student! I have July off to celebrate. Bryan always has July off because he's a teacher. And Bean...well, Bean has every month off. That means we will all be spending some quality "family time" together, and I'll be sure to have my camera with me!

This morning I had to get up early (on my first day off!) to take Bryan to the airport. He is going to Miami for the weekend to attend a meeting. As I pulled on my sweatpants in the dark I looked over at Bean snoring in her corner of the bedroom and I thought "If I can't sleep, no one will" "I bet she wants to see Daddy off at the airport!"

So I woke her up (which took quite a bit of effort) and we all climbed into my car. After she determined there were no other dogs out on the streets yet, she settled in to her favorite car-riding position - squishing her head down between the armrests.

"What can I say? It calms me."

At the airport, I got out to say my goodbyes after Bean said hers in the car. I didn't think airport security would appreciate it if we let Bean out to run all over the place and bark at all the planes. Here she is saying a final goodbye, such a touching moment.

"Bring me back a t-shirt from Miami. Green, if they have it. I'm a size dog."

As we drove off, Bean stood up in the back window and stared. She couldn't understand why we were leaving one of the pack behind. She was kind of depressed the whole way home. Not even having the energy for a good head-squishing, she just rested her nose on the armrest.

"I miss Dad already."

I miss him too, Bean. Now let's go back to bed.