Thursday, February 09, 2006

when the moon is in the 7th house

Sometimes, when the sunny spot in the house (which, by the way, is an eff-ing tundra since our last gas bill was only slightly less than our rent)...when the sunny spot aligns perfectly with the one couch bean is allowed on, and she has a new peanut-butter-flavored chew....that is a good day.

Monday, January 23, 2006

it smells like a dog...

Over the holidays, my family stopped by and my sister brought her dog, Tyson, along. Bean had met Tyson before, and is never quite sure what to make of her cousin. She tries to interact with him the way she would with any other dog (sniffing, attempts to initiate a game of chase, pouncing, etc.), but Tyson is never as receptive to her advances as she expects him to be. On this visit, after unsuccessfully "playing dead" to get her to leave him alone, Tyson sought refuge on the couch. This just totally confused Bean, because she knows that dogs are not allowed on the couch. Could she have been mistaken all along? Could her cousin, in fact, be a cat? Or a kid?? She approached him very slowly, and took a few long whiffs.... The verdict?
Still not sure. More investigation is needed.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

it just ain't right, that's all

does anyone else find it disturbing when a dog sits on its butt like a person? too.

Sorry about the long absence. We were kind of overwhelmed by the holiday season this past year. But we are slowly resuming all of our normal activities (including blogging) and even adding a few new ones.

Yesterday, bryan hurt his back playing basket ball, and since then I have been listening to him whine like an old man about how much it hurts nursing him to health like any dutiful good wife would. Unfortunately, since he is out of commission, and I suck at walking bean (i am, however, excellent at getting dragged around the neighborhood by her while she chases every squirrel, bird, or leaf that crosses our path) bean has been a little...neglected.

No walks = crazy dog. Crazy dog = no rest for anyone in the house.

So today, we woke up (after she attempted to take the mini-blinds off of the bedroom windows, in what i can only assume was some sort of effort to get us to realize that JESUS GAY! IT'S TEN O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING ALREADY!!! GET UP GET UP GETUP!!!) and drove out to a really awesome dogpark that we had never been to.

Bean was in dog-heaven.

The weather was pretty crappy today, and Bryan was worried that there wouldn't be any other dogs out. There were dozens of dogs. Bean has never seen that many other dogs at once. For the first minute or two, she just stood there. In awe. Then after a few more minutes of obligatory butt-sniffing and soft growls to establish the pack order, she was off. She ran and ran and ran and ran. She chased. She was chased. She was particularly delighted that every human she ran up to gave her a smile and a rub and told she was "such a pretty girl!" (That doesn't often happen to us. It takes a certain kind of person I guess to see Bean running up with a big smile on her face and not run screaming "ATTACK PIT BULL! ATTACK PIT BULL!!!"... A dog person.)

We came home. We all napped. We are just now getting up because we are waiting for the delivery guy to bring our food.

It's been a good day.