Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bean helps me clean out my dresser

Hi everyone! So sorry about the long time between posts. Not much exciting has been going on at Chez Bean. I am thrilled to report that the lost dog I posted about last time was found. Yay!

As an example of how dull things have become around here lately, let me tell you about when I cleaned out and re-organized my dresser....

Anyone still there? Still awake? OK. Bean decided to help/observe me since she didn't have anything better to do than wait for Bryan to come home. Her day doesn't start until she hears his keys in the door. She is such a Daddy's Girl! Anyway, she was helpful (kind of) and cute (very) so I decided to snap a few photos. Enjoy!

I think you should keep these two. Red is your color.

Here, let me help you fold this scarf.