Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another Lost Dog...

There is another doggie out there on the streets of Durham tonight, trying to find his home. Here is a photo and some more info. Please keep an eye out!

"Hey all, My dog took off last night!!! He's so incredibly nosy that he probably didn't realize he was out of the yard until it was too late. Please if you belong to any of the neighborhood list serves let folks know. His is black with a white belly and old man gray whiskers. He's about 72 lbs and ridiculously friendly, barely barks, is curious about other dogs but not a fighter. He's about 13 yrs old so I'm pretty worried about him out it night he's got creaky bones and some deafness. He answers to spliff, puppy, daddy and old man (when he feels like it). If anyone spots him please call me at 919-358-3707 Thanks!!!"

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Bean helps with the yardwork

Another know that that means. I am in between clerkships and have the weekend off!

A few weeks ago Bryan and I (finally) raked up some of the leaves in front of our house. Bean wanted to be outside with us, of course. Since only the backyard is fenced off, we always put her on a lead when she is in the front yard with us. I don't want to take the chance of her running into the street.

The lead is not long enough for her to go down the steps to the curb, so she stood up high and monitored Bryan's progress.

Good job there, Dad. Strong work.

The crappy thing about having to have Bean on a lead is that she manages to get wrapped around something every 2.8 seconds. Then she stands there and cries until we untangle her. On this particular day, she had already wrapped herself around a tree, two bushes, and a flower pot. I thought she was done, and then I looked up and saw this.

Umm....a little help here guys?

She managed to corral two random bricks that were on opposite sides of the yard and bring them together by wrapping her lead around them. How does she manage to get stuck on something that is 4 inches off the ground??? Oh well, at least she gathered up a few leaves in the process!