Friday, August 17, 2007

Still here!

Hi Guys! We are still here. I like the photo above, because Bean is chewing on a part of her lip. She does this from time to time. Don't know why...Sorry for the long delay between posts. Bean has been very busy. She has had several overnight guests. Three so far, actually. Always the perfect hostess, she makes sure each guest feels safe and comfortable by offering herself as a bed-buddy. There is nothing our Bean likes more than sharing a bed with a human. She really can be so sweet and cuddly. It is strange, because she sleeps with her head on the pillow next to yours. I don't think most dogs do that. In fact, I distinctly remember seeing images of dogs sleeping at the foot of the bed in movies when I was growing up.

I guess Bean hasn't seen those movies.

Big changes have happened. I no longer live in the house with Bean and Bryan. I have a small apartment closer to school, as I will be returning to class next week. So Bean is looking for a new roommate. Any takers? Must love dogs, of course. We are working on getting a digital camera for Bryan, since he will now be Bean's primary photographer. I will still be doing the posts.

I want to keep this blog going as long as I possibly can, because I think that some people enjoy looking at it. Even more importantly, I believe it acts as one small piece of evidence that pit bulls can be wonderful, gentle, loving pets, and that they do not deserve the reputation they have gotten lately. I believe that if you treat an animal with cruelty and neglect, then yes, you will raise a monster. (That goes for human animals too!) But if you raise a puppy with love and affection (and rules and boundaries, as appropriate), you will get an affectionate member of the family.

I am so glad we took a chance on our Bean.