Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Crime and Punishment

In order to give you some idea of the havoc our little Bean can create at home, I submit these webcam photos from doggie camp. Please keep in mind that all of these were taken over a period of no more than five minutes:

"Let's see. What shall I destroy first? That slide in the corner looks a little evil..."
"Yeah!!! Take that you plastic piece of crap. That's teach them to give us baby toys."
"Okay, the teacher has her back turned. Let's play "Fight Club." I'll be Brad Pitt, you be Ed Norton, okay?......GO!!!"
"Man, I can't believe we got caught. She must have eyes in the back of her head. Oh well. What can I get into in here?"

"[whisper]...Okay, I'll take the big guy. you and the husky cover the other three. Got it? Good. On the count of three.....one....two...."

Sunday, October 09, 2005

the "nanny cam" goes canine

Bean will be spending the next two days at Camp Bowwow, as both Bryan and I will be out of town. She loves it there, of course. There are so many dogs to play with, and they have several "play rooms" set up with toys of all kinds. It is a bit hurtful when I go to drop her off and she sprints off down the hall without so much as a glance over her shoulder to acknowledge that she will miss me. She could at least pretend to look sad until I get in the car.

One of the cool things about this place is that all of the areas are set up with webcams, so you can see what Bean is up to from any computer. It helps me not miss her too much. That, and the fact that I can eat without her staring at me, attempting to look emaciated. And the fact that I can kick my shoes off anywhere and know that they will be in same spot when I need them later....

Maybe these few days won't be so hard after all...

At any rate, while Bryan picks Bean up on Tuesday, I will not be back home until next weekend. Until then, feel free to spy on Bean at camp. You can also get your "Bean fix" by checking out some of the rather scandalous photos on this blog (See "XXX-rated!" post below).

Friday, October 07, 2005

XXX-rated!!! L!vE nuDE PitS! SeXy!!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure, allow me to present Bean's first X-rated photo.
Freaky Friday? Hell yeah.