Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bean Ignores Mom

Yay! Another video!

Here, you can see that I am making a fool out of myself trying to get Bean to do something (anything!) for the camera, while she is obviously just trying to go back to sleep. It's shocking how she can be perfectly still when I want her to move, but turns into a ball of pure energy when I want her to be still. If you look closely, you can see that she blinks her eyes once. Other than that, it is pretty much the most boring 17 seconds of your life.

I hate having to work with moody celebrities.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bean Gets Comfy

On a recent ride in the car, Bean got tired pretty quickly of looking out the window and settled in for a quick nap. Or at least she tried to settle in. It took a little repositioning before she could find a comfy position.

"This won't do at all."

"This is even worse."

"Ah, yes. I forgot about the Dog Nose Holder. What a neat invention. How thoughtful of Toyota to put one of these in all their cars. All that shifting around wore me out. I'm...so...sleeepp....zzzzzzzz"

Just a note. #1 Yes, my car is filthy. Bean and I are the only ones who ride in it, though, and she doesn't mind. #2 She is still wearing her head-collar because it was a short trip. For longer trips, I take it off and let her get really comfy!

Once, Bean got to ride in her Grandma's SUV. She got the whole back section to herself, and she loved it! Windows on three sides, a nice carpeted area to stretch out on, and no chance of sliding onto the floor at stop lights! She is really lobbying hard for me to get an SUV when my car dies [Updated to Add: My car may be dead now. It stopped working yesterday. Rest in Peace, 1994 Toyota 2 door Camry with the paint falling off, RIP.]. I think the best I can do will be some sort of hybrid station wagon thing, though. She will just have to ride with Grandma when she wants to ride in style!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bean is Busy

I took this yesterday. Bean and I are on the bed, waiting for the start of the Friday Night Movie Festival. Well, I'm waiting. Bean is busy concentrating on the window behind the bed, scanning the yard for squirrels. Those are her "concentration ears." Bryan is busy returning phone calls.

Can't pose now Mom. I'm busy.

I suppose I'm busy too. Busy watching them both and giggling.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Wake Up Sleepy Head!

This has been a rainy, lazy weekend. It's one of those rare weekends when I don't have an exam on Monday. It was so hard to get out of bed! Some of us (Bean) decided just not to try. When I attempted to wake Bean and get her out of the bed so I could make it, it went like this:

Me: Bean. Time to get up now!

I'm invisible. I'm invisible. If I can't see her, she can't see me. I'm invisible...

Me: Bean, I know you are in the bed. I am looking right at you.

Okay. I'm in bed. But I'm soooo sleeepy. And sooo cute. You don't really want to get me up, do you? Look at this face...

Me: If you get out of bed, I'll make you breakfast.

Breakfast!? Did you just say "breakfast"?? I love breakfast!

And then she got up to eat. Within ten minutes of breakfast, we were both back in the bed!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Baby Talk

Congratulations to Shelby the Pug, another dog-who-blogs, because she is getting a new (human) baby brother! Many blessings to Shelby and her family. It will be interesting to see how Shelby adjusts to having another baby in the house. I know she'll be a great big sister.

We have often wondered what kind of a big sister Bean will be. She hasn't really been around very many babies, simply because we don't know that many (aside from the ones I babysit for). Of course, we are years away from introducing a new little brother or sister to Bean, but I think it would be good for her to have some exposure to them beforehand.

Well you know what? It is surprisingly difficult to get anyone to let you borrow their child for use as a "practice baby" to see how your dog reacts. Can you believe that? I even asked the parents I babysit for. They said no! Some people are just selfish, I guess.

So, we will just have to practice with dolls for now. Although, considering the fate of Bean's other toys, that might end in a gruesome mess!

You know they just aren't as much fun after the stuffing is gone...{sigh}