Sunday, January 31, 2010

So much Snow!

In case you haven't heard, the Southeast has been blanketed with snow this weekend. Bryan is away in NYC, and so it is just the Bean and me. We are snowed in! At first, Bean was not sure how she felt about the snow. She stood on the back porch and whined, wanting me to come get rid of it somehow.

Hey MOOOO-OOOOMM! Someone stole our yard!

Eventually, she got used to it. All of the photos were snapped by me from inside the kitchen, by the way. There was no way I was going out there!

Who ever heard of snow and bamboo together? It's like a snowy jungle out here!

She spent the whole afternoon out there, running around investigating. ALL of the tracks you see in this next photo were made by Bean. But I guess she didn't realize that because she spent a good amount of time sniffing and following her OWN tracks! Such a good hunter...

It seems these tracks were made by a dog. 55 pounds or so. Female. They're still fresh. I wonder where she went?

I hope everyone gets a snow day tomorrow!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

bean surveys her kingdom

Bryan is back! We are so excited to have him home. I have some new photos of Bean relaxing with her dad, but first a few more from when he was away.

We had a nice, warm-ish sunny day here soon after he left, and I decided to rake up some of the billion or so leaves around our house. I started at the curb, so that our neighbors can see we are at least trying to deal with our yard. Yes. We are that house.

I tethered Bean to the porch while I worked, so that she could soak up some rays and get a view of the street she can't get from the backyard. She made herself comfy in our out-of-control ivy bed. Doesn't she look regal?

But this one is my favorite. A great big goofy smile, much more like the real Bean.

"I has a happy."

No yard work this week though. It is freezing out. In fact, we built a fire last night, which Bean enjoyed very much. Pictures to come...