Monday, December 28, 2009

Bean enjoys christmas cookies

Bryan is out of the country right now, working for justice. Bean and I are both super-proud of him and miss him so much. With him gone, it's just me and the Bean at home, and she keeps bugging me to (finally!) update her blog, so here we go.

A fellow teacher at Bryan's school was kind enough to bring doggie Christmas cookies for Bean. They were lovingly hand made by her two dogs, Lucy and Ruben (with a little bit of help from their mom for the oven part). Before I let Bean destroy them, I took a picture of how lovely they were.

I especially like that they included a "B" for Bean. And also a little cat-shaped cookie, because Bean hates cats and this is likely the closest she will ever come to getting to eat one. And a nice, crunchy one too!

I took a video of Bean devouring these (a process which was way too blurry to photograph - her jaws are moving so fast that even parts of the video are blurry!) which I hope you will enjoy. Please excuse the unswept floor. I couldn't see the point of sweeping before I let my dog spew cookie crumbs all over the place.

Here's hoping that you had a lovely and delicious holiday!


Courtney said...

Lucy and Ruben were more than happy to share their peanut butter goodies!

Anonymous said...

I was happy to see a new post today! Happy New Year to Bean and her family.


THE ZOO said...

We hope yall hafe a Happy New Year.