Saturday, January 09, 2010

bean surveys her kingdom

Bryan is back! We are so excited to have him home. I have some new photos of Bean relaxing with her dad, but first a few more from when he was away.

We had a nice, warm-ish sunny day here soon after he left, and I decided to rake up some of the billion or so leaves around our house. I started at the curb, so that our neighbors can see we are at least trying to deal with our yard. Yes. We are that house.

I tethered Bean to the porch while I worked, so that she could soak up some rays and get a view of the street she can't get from the backyard. She made herself comfy in our out-of-control ivy bed. Doesn't she look regal?

But this one is my favorite. A great big goofy smile, much more like the real Bean.

"I has a happy."

No yard work this week though. It is freezing out. In fact, we built a fire last night, which Bean enjoyed very much. Pictures to come...

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