Sunday, January 31, 2010

So much Snow!

In case you haven't heard, the Southeast has been blanketed with snow this weekend. Bryan is away in NYC, and so it is just the Bean and me. We are snowed in! At first, Bean was not sure how she felt about the snow. She stood on the back porch and whined, wanting me to come get rid of it somehow.

Hey MOOOO-OOOOMM! Someone stole our yard!

Eventually, she got used to it. All of the photos were snapped by me from inside the kitchen, by the way. There was no way I was going out there!

Who ever heard of snow and bamboo together? It's like a snowy jungle out here!

She spent the whole afternoon out there, running around investigating. ALL of the tracks you see in this next photo were made by Bean. But I guess she didn't realize that because she spent a good amount of time sniffing and following her OWN tracks! Such a good hunter...

It seems these tracks were made by a dog. 55 pounds or so. Female. They're still fresh. I wonder where she went?

I hope everyone gets a snow day tomorrow!


TJ the DJ said...

Hey Bean! Just to let you know I do not enjoy the snow either (see me on facebook). My mom pushed me outside...I was going to hold "it" til the snow went away. I love your posts.

TJ the DJ

Anonymous said...

I was great to see Bean again! Here is SE Michigan near Canada we only got about an inch of snow last night. We really haven't had much snow at all. Take Care!

Allyson said...

i hope bean starts blogging again soon, i miss her and her ghostwriter:)